The train journey to Newcastle was a good one i drank Jack Daniels from a paper coffee cup and listened to The world is yours on repeat.This Motordrinking bliss was only interrupted by some busy body woman sat on the opposite side of the train and 2 rows back.I felt her bony finger jab my arm and so i removed my headphones and requested an explanation?

“Can you PLEASE turn your music down as i can hear it over the top of what i am listening to!” She looked at me like i had just shat in her handbag.

“I do apologise” I replied and not wanting to appear to be that drunken dickhead on the train on promptly turned the volume down and went back to drinking.

Around 2 songs later my brain clicked in to place and i realised the volume was already only halfway up before and was now so quiet that i could hear the conversations of the couple sat in front of me.This would not do.I put the Bastards album on and turned the volume up to full.Fuck the woman and her shit music….

I arrived at Newcastle station and found my native guide waiting.

Mr Metal….

Being in his presence brings joy to anyone.A marvellous mix of insanity,genius and weird behaviour.Mr Metal guided me through Newcastle city towards the City Hall where i introduced him to Eliott whom i had arranged to meet.We chatted briefly and smoked cigars  outside the tour trucks.Other Motorheadbangers introduced themselves and i passed around the bourbon telling my tales from the previous evening.After a while a man came over to our small group and said;

“Im one of those binge drinkers you know”

He then left without waiting for a response or explaining himself.I liked his style,he gave us a brief description of himself and left knowing that we would all be humoured and perhaps slightly confused.A great way of making an impression without appearing needy….

While loitering around outside i said a quick hello to Mr Hungerford and also had the pleasure of meeting Mikkey Dee for the 1st time.Mikkey stopped to sign anything thrust in front of him and pose for photographs.Ive never been the type to ask for a photo or autograph without having at least quick conversation as well.While some people may be star struck and not know what to say.I feel it is more comfortable for all involved if you make the effort with a question even if it is just “Hello mate how are you doing”.So i told him i thought the set was great the night before and he thanked me.I also asked if we might ever hear “Brotherhood of man” live,my favourite track from The world is yours.Mikkey told me he himself had been fighting to get this very tune in the setlist this year but the other two were against it.I told him to fight harder!He also very kindly signed all the records i had with me (Motorizer,TWIY,March or die,Blues breakers) and told me it was great seeing all of this vinyl.I agreed….


Around 4pm that day i left Eliott in the capable hands of his new found friend Mr Metal and headed inside to watch sound check.It was the 1st time i had been in to the City hall and while i liked the decor i felt the seated venue might be more suited to pantomime rather than a Punk Rock n Roll show.I found a seat with decent legroom and parked my arse.It was a odd feeling sat there on my own while the Motorhead crew tweaked the sound of the PA,Monitors and Mikkeys drum kit.It was an uneasy feeling and i had to keep reminding myself i was there legitimately and i was not about to be thrown out.Watching the Motorhead crew at work is a lesson in professionalism and perfection.I sat for around 45 minuets and wished that i was sober enough to try and learn something.One thing is for certain the Motorheadcrew do not fuck around and no stone is left unturned in the quest for the perfect meeting of raw power and crystal clear delivery….

I decided before the band come on to sound check themselves i would head outside for a cigarette.I met fellow Motorheadbangers Shaun and Rob outside passed my hip flask around to break the ice.A merry little time was had chatting about the band untill i heard the growl of Lemmys bass from inside.This was my cue to get back to this strange private gig.

I sat again on my own for another 15 minuets until various members of the Subs and the ANWL came through.We all said hello and then sat back to watch Motorhead sound check.1ST Mikkey Dee hammering away on his kit and then Phill Campbell made his way on stage and the 2 jammed for a few minuets.Phill asked Arnie (Sound engineer) to record a riff and although short it was good and i couldnt help thinking i had just witnessed the possible birth of a new Motorhead tune.Lemmy was next to stroll on stage and pick up his bass.They ran through Rosalie and then brought out the Whorehouse Blues acoustic guitars and kick drum.This was getting better and better a new tune for the set.It took awhile for the band to get through the tune as it was clear they had not played it for a while but it was sweet honey for the ears and i loved every bit.Mikkey also gave us an incredible guitar solo that only a drummer could….

Once finished i found my self sat in the company of Alvin Gibb,Animal and Mikkey dee.I chatted with them for a further 45 minuets untill i decided i better go find Eliott and Mr Metal.I located them in a witherspoons and we drank as much as possible until it was decided to pick up there after show passes and get inside to see the Subs….

Seeing as the venue had some terrible rule of no booze inside the hall i found myself leaving Mr Metal and wandering backstage to sip from my bottle of Bourbon without fear of it being liberated by thirsty Rock n Rollers or the security.Backstage i ran in to the Subs and sat with them.We made a deal; if they would supply the cola i would share my remaining bourbon.Good times.The boozy conversation took hold and i realised i had just heard the end of Bomber coming form the hall.Fuck!Time to go.I left the Subs and Charlie took my bag in to there dressing room so i did not have to carry it back in to the crowd and so he could get the whole band to sign my copy of there latest and greatest album Work in progress….

I spent the gig stood next to the left hand PA resting on the edge of the stage right below Phill Campbell.This was incredible although my left ear felt like it may never hear another gig again.The booze has left some gaps in my memory and i cannot remember during which song it was but a cheeky chap decided to control Phills wah pedal without permission.Theres one for the archive bootleg collectors….

During Mikkeys drum solo i decided to quickly pop to the backstage smoking area for a quick cigarette which created a slightly awkward situation with Phill who was doing the same thing.It was laughed off and got back in time to see Mikkey power to the end of the solo and kick back in to One to sing the blues….

After the gig my plan was to retrieve my bag from the Subs dressing room and meet Eliott and Mr Metal in the hall to wait with them for any after show action that may or may not occur.On the way to the Subs dressing room i bumped in to Mikkey Dee towelling off and holding court with Dave from the ANWL.After a while i finally got to the Subs dressing room and spent another 30mins in the company of the Subs and ANWL sipping from my hip flask,until my haggard brain kicked in to gear and i rememberd about my 2 companions probably stood in the cold waiting for me.I bid fair well and steped out in to the crowds hanging around the stage door to hear the cry of  Eliotts slightly pissed off voice

“There he fucking is!Where the fuck have you been!”

I professed my innocence of any wrong doing or neglect and blamed any problems on logistics.It was then decided that Mr Metal would order a cab.It was also decided that a pit stop at a Tesco to replace the depleted bourbon supplies was necessary….

Back at hotel Metal we drank in to the wee small hours until the Jim Beam ran dry and we shared tales of the wierd including Mr Metals tendency to sniff strangers on buses and the many horrific times i have shit myself in public….

Eliott pondering on the existence of MR Metal


I awoke with a on the living room floor on a now completely deflated air bed with the sound of Mr Metal busily frying everything in the kitchen for breakfast.My head felt like it would never work again and my mouth tasted like i had been cleaning a dog kennel with my tongue.I had a shower and brushed my rotten teeth before being handed Breakfast a la Metal.It was a mountain of vegan burgers and sausages and mushrooms and hit the spot nicely.Mr Metal and Eliott had equaly as much on there plate although theres being real dead stuff….

It was sad yet hilarious sight leaving Durham station as Mr Metal waved me and Eliott off like a young wife waving a hanky to her soldier husband on his way to the war….

I had the unfortunate time of having to take a week off from the tour due to work so NO FUN TILL HAMMERSMITH!!

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2 Responses to DAY 2:NEWCASTLE 3rd NOVEMBER 2011

  1. PedroGunner says:

    Haha! What an awesome chronicle, Smell!
    I thought for myself “let’s read a couple of sentences just to know what’s the blog like”, and I ended up reading the whole post in 2 minutes.
    And it’s great to know that your pre-show alcoholic rites are very similar as mine here at the South.
    I’m already a fan of this blog.
    Pedro (aka PedroGunner at forum)

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