Motorhead/ANWL/UK Subs november 2011 tour

The time has nearly arrived for me begin the next 5 dates of rock n roll excess.5 gigs of motorhead madness……I will head to the bright lights of Wolverhampton on Wednesday the 2nd of November, to witness Motorhead play there first show of the U.K leg of the 2011 tour….. Accompanied by my partner in idiocy Dr Bilo Baracus.The good Dr has been my wingman on frequent trips to the edge of human decency and will no doubt endeavour to make this trip as shameful/ life threatening as possible……..I am nervous and not because of the impending various acts of public indecency and the trouble they may bring………For this tour i have been kindly granted a V.I.P  tour pass and guest passes for my cohorts at each gig.This has brought me great joy as i finally have the possibility to meet and hopefully chat with the greatest rock n roll band the world has ever seen……Although this brings fresh dilemmas to mind.What daft drunkenness will happen in front of  these rock n roll heroes?I am hoping Bilo realises the seriousness of this possible encounter.If i find myself in a  privileged backstage area (insert rude anal jokes here)i plan to behave myself, as one should when  meeting folks who you do not wish to despise you.However Bilo is another story.Bilo is usually a reasonable man but once the drunken beast has awoken inside of him, control is lost……I will have to make clear to Bilo that for us to keep any kind of V.I.P status we must not lose control……My last correspondence with Bilo was a telephone conversation about next Wednesday in which he mentioned  magic mushrooms he has recently picked ……

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2 Responses to Motorhead/ANWL/UK Subs november 2011 tour

  1. Mark McWilliams says:

    Heyup Mr smells did you get the beloved bejewelled pass??
    I hope the mushies went down well and that your bumhole didnt get ragdolled during the nite.
    All the Best Mac…..(fat old bloke wiv his boy in yates)

    • motorsmell says:

      Hello mate yep got the pass and met Lem.Was fucking great untill thinking i had lost my mind after the shrooms at the hotel,was pretty fucking scary!!It was good to meet you mate.

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